List of courses taught at the Université de Lausanne from 2014 to the present can be found here.

Courses taught at Utrecht University, NL (2008-2014):

  • Introduction to Old and Middle English (BA 1)
  • Taalgeschiedenis en taalverandering (BA 1)
  • Language History and Language Change (BA 2)
  • Reading Old English (BA 2)
  • Academic and Research Writing (BA 2)
  • History of English: Variation and Change (BA 2)
  • Varieties of English (The History of English Dialects) (BA 2)
  • Reading list course Old and Middle English (BA 3)
  • Sprachvarianten des Deutschen (BA 3)
  • Chaucer and Chaucerians (BA 3)
  • Great Medieval Heroes (BA 3)
  • Urbanisation and Identity Creation in Late Medieval England (MA)
  • Language and Literature in Late Medieval Scotland (MA)
  • Tutorial Medieval England (MA)

Courses taught at Leiden University, NL (2005-2008):

  • Introduction to Middle English Language and Literature (BA 1)
  • History of the English Language (BA 1)
  • Introduction to Old English (BA 2)
  • English in Transition (The Development of English Prose) (BA 2)
  • Early Modern Everyday English (BA 3)
  • The Language of Letters (MA)
  • Grammars and Grammarians (MA)
  • Language Variation and Change in English (Historical) Linguistics (MA)
  • Corpus Linguistics – Exploring Language/s through Electronic Resources (MA)
  • The Language in Literature: Stylistic Topics from Old English to the Present Day (MA)

Courses taught at Liverpool Hope University (2005):

  • Analysing Spoken Discourse (BA 2)
  • Corpus Linguistics (BA 3)

Courses taught at the University of Manchester, UK (2002-2005):

  • Intermediate German